One wonders how that works. That a band after 44 years of existence, 17 studio albums, big hits and almost even bigger flops still sounds the same on album number 18. The Simple Minds prove that this is possible with this work, which must therefore be beyond all smug criticism.


    Because music has existed for a long time – and there is Simple Minds music. So alarm guitars, keyboard streaks, thumping drums in a medium tempo and slightly socially critical lyrics that are sung in melodies that are as close as possible. The fact that since “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” there have been no more real hits, but only narrowly failed anthems, Jim Kerr and his youth buddies have almost raised this to an art form. In this cosmos, DIRECTION OF THE HEART is an excellent album. In the rest of the world? doesn’t really matter.


    a-ha :: True North

    The wave pop veterans appear in ever finer thread.

    Dry Cleaning :: Stumpwork

    The Magic Of Florence: The singer of the British post-punk band sums up the absurdity of existence.

    The Libertines :: Up The Bracket (20th Anniversary Edition)

    Indie rock: The best debut album of the noughties turns 20. There are different versions of the re-listening for the birthday party.


    2001: Tokio Hotel announce new album for November

    The new record will be released on November 18th. It can already be pre-ordered now.

    Pearl Jam: Eddie Vedder asks a fan to leave the concert

    Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder is said to have thrown a woman out of the audience because she became violent during a concert.

    At Mad Cool Festival in Madrid: The Killers present new song “Boy”

    Mad Cool Festival in Madrid: The Killers debut their new song “Boy” which should be released soon.