End it or keep going? The British prog trio Porcupine Tree apparently asked themselves this question. The title of their new album, CLOSURE/CONTINUATION, could suggest that the band around singer/guitarist Steven Wilson somehow wants to do both: close the old in order to be able to devote himself to the new. In fact, on the first studio album after a 13-year break, they finally finished older songs that had been lying around on hard drives for a long time, but also composed fresh new pieces.

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    The finished album now contains prog rock numbers of different hues, such as the great jazz-rock “Rats Return”, the Pink Floyd-esque “Dignity” and the more hard rock-leaning “Herd Culling”. There are also pieces like “Walk The Plank”, which comes with a pop/wave touch, or “Harridan”, which has nineties references with its concise slap bass. In the end there is a thoroughly solid album that should convince fans of the genre.


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