Constantly being compared to your big sister can be a curse even for less prominent people. In any case, Noah Cyrus suffered a lot, as she recently revealed in an interview with the US “Rolling Stone”. Born in the shadow of her older sister Miley – one of the biggest stars of the 2010s – the 22-year-old singer/songwriter struggled for years to find her own voice. The desperate search for oneself accumulated in depression, anxiety, Xanax addiction.


    Noah Cyrus sings about all of this on her debut album THE HARDEST PART – a record that is as brutally honest as it is delicately composed. Accompanied by a plucked acoustic guitar, the first movement of the album reads: “When I turned 20, I was overcome with the thought that I might not turn 21.” All ten songs on the record paint a bleak picture of the cracked mental life of a very young and very sensitive person. It’s about toxic relationships, drug abuse, suicidality. In “Mr. Percocet” sings Cyrus: “I come second to every Percocet you take”, first come the drugs, then me.

    But as tragic as the content on THE HARDEST PART is often, the musical accompaniment is just as loving. The native Texan’s country influences are unmistakable on the record – whether it’s a banjo gently rippling in the background or the soft pounding beat of the drums. Cyrus is at her best when shown introspective when her voice carries the tune. This works particularly well on the opener “Noah (Stand Still)” and “My Side Of The Bed”.


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