Ironically, the song called “Club Banger” sounds like cat music. No beats suitable for dancing far and wide, instead crooked strumming, atonal droning, toothache plucking and singing that takes your shoes off. MINT CHIP, the second album by Kamikaze Palm Tree, isn’t that demanding. But even if the mysterious project from San Francisco unpacks a few more harmonious sounds, something always goes wrong – and not just a little.

    You can hear that it’s not just amateurism here, because the clichés of folk, Americana and sunshine pop first have to be carefully laid bare before they can be so resolutely brushed against the grain. The result, despite the at times child-song feel and somewhat cute Dada approach, is a wicked and rather unique caricature of indie pop.


    Hudson Mohawke :: Cry Sugar

    A full step into electronic dance and fiddle music.

    Panda Bear & Sonic Boom :: Reset

    File under: Summer music. A two-man dream between noise and airy melodies.

    Danger Mouse & Black Thought :: Cheat Codes

    Smooth’n’Conscious: The hip-hop super duo doesn’t disappoint.


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    This week there are two albums that were created in cooperation – and Kamikaze Palm Tree also present their second album MINT CHIP.

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    A new record by the Libertines could soon be completed: “By the end of the year, I think – hopefully,” says the musician.

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