In an interview with TV Play, the former prime minister reveals Al Thani’s passion for the Biancocelesti. He then says: “No more state money for football clubs who have to learn how to manage budgets”

    The web has already gone wild. Matteo Renzi took care of turning it on. In an interview with TV Play, the politician revealed that “Al Thani, emir and head of Qatar and owner of Paris Saint-Germain, is a huge fan of Lazio”.

    Curious, but Renzi thought of explaining the reason for his Lazio sympathies: “He is from the 80s and in 2000 he saw the Biancocelesti win the Scudetto. I gave him the shirt, which I asked for from Lotito among other things. Every year he asks the president for a shirt signed by the whole team ”. Between 1998 and 2000, Lazio managed to win the Italian Cup twice, the Italian Super Cup twice, a Scudetto, the Cup Winners’ Cup and the European Super Cup, even reaching first place in the UEFA ranking. Successes that evidently brought the Biancocelesti into his heart.


    Renzi then also responded to Lotito’s proposal which pushes for a bipartisan amendment to the Quater Aid Decree with which it would be possible to pay the fees of sports clubs in installments over five years. Without penalties. “Football clubs have to learn how to manage their budgets, we can’t continue that if there’s a problem, they cash in on the state – said Renzi -. Why does the Premier League have 10-11 times more television rights than Serie A? Why does a footballer prefer England to Italy? Because there are people like Lotito who, when there is a problem, instead of solving it, go to Parliament to have the amendment made. I’m not afraid to say things that make me lose my consent, it’s immoral and it’s a shame that you get to the point of having to pay the money to Serie A teams in installments. It would rather be better to do it to amateur teams, to culture. But Lotito said they are in conflict of interest because I support Fiorentina”.


    Lazio fans went wild on the web, asking Al Thani to invest in Lazio. “I’m not asking for much Al Thani I’m not asking for much, please allocate just one billionth of your assets to Lazio. Please,” it reads. Someone is already dreaming of the transfer market: “If I had Al Thani’s money in January I would buy Lazio and bring Theo Hernandez and Casemiro… Only I’m a Lazio fan but I don’t have the money”. With Lotito however, it must be underlined, there are no ongoing negotiations for the transfer of the club.