The municipality of Amersfoort is not required to provide the personal data of the group that held séances at the Rusthof cemetery in Leusden to next of kin. The court in Utrecht decided that on Wednesday judged. The parents of two children who are buried there had asked for the information through the court. However, the judge ruled that the “security aspect” for the group outweighs.

    Last September, a group of six people had a meeting at the cemetery in Amersfoort, with the permission of the director of the cemetery. They said they were investigating ‘psychic energy’ of the deceased, including in the part where children were buried. An attempt was made to contact the deceased with light balls at the graves. The séances came to light when a visitor found a video camera showing videos of the meeting.

    The parents tried to force through the courts that they could get in touch with the group. To help them cope, they want to know what happened around the graves of their two deceased daughters and to be able to look the ‘paranormal investigators’ in the eye. According to the judge, the safety of the group, which would be seriously threatened, weighs more heavily. Earlier, the mayor of Amersfoort Lucas Bolsius – who also does not know who is behind the group – already received threats because of the issue.

    Since the camera was found, relatives, the municipality, the National Ombudsman and the Public Prosecution Service have been looking for the group. The director of the cemetery, who has been on sick leave since last autumn and will not return, does not want to give the group’s details. In nine cases, loved ones of relatives were reburied because the relatives wanted this. The municipality of Amersfoort has assumed the costs of this – at least 165,000 euros.

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