Recovery Decree: all the news, from coding at school to the extension of the navigators

The navigators will remain in the hands of Anpal

M5s and Pd have snatched a new extension (the previous one dates back to April) of four months, until 30 April 2022, of the navigators that will remain in the hands of Anpal Servizi, a compromise measure with respect to the six months charged to the Regions initially proposed. the extension therefore entered the recovery measure, not the budget bill.

Resources to Municipalities to cover recruitment

There are also more resources for recruitment in the municipalities, at the forefront of the game for the realization of the Recovery plan projects, with the aim of recovering the 70 thousand places lost between turnover blocks and spending reviews: 30 million will allow small municipalities to equip themselves of the figures necessary to carry out the projects of the PNRR while another 67 million will go to the mayors of the South for contracts to experts and professionals. Easier to hire staff for even the mayors of cities with a deficit.

Funds for training and tourism

On the labor front, another 100 million are allocated for 2021 for the new skills fund for training, and the same number goes to tourism even if in 4 years. Ten million will instead be used to help restaurateurs closed due to Covid.

Great works, decision-making power in the hands of commissioners and governors

The deputies then approved a mechanism that allows the centralization of power in the hands of the commissioners and presidents of the Region whenever decisions need to be made on major works and gave the green light to a reform of the water service, aimed at mitigating the pulverization of the sector.

Criminal trials, by January 31st criteria for establishing priorities in proceedings

To speed up the criminal trials, by January 31 of each year the heads of the judicial offices will have to draw up a program to determine the priority criteria in the handling of pending proceedings.


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