Ready-made pizza dough to the rescue – Friday’s best and easiest to eat

When your mind is making pizza, you can’t get into the taste of pizza any easier than this.

Pizza twists are perfect for Friday night. Mari Moilanen

Pizza twists are super fun to eat for the weekend with wine, and they are easy to make.

Pick up the finished pizza dough in a shopping bag with grated cheese, and then there’s nothing left to do but go home and rotate the pizza sticks.

This is how you use ready-made pizza dough

Sometimes it’s okay to make adjustments when cooking. Ready-made pizza dough can be used to make any tasty snack. Grab the top 5 tips below!

Garlic knots

Cut the dough into long pieces, wrap them in a knot and brush with melted butter that you have seasoned with a generous amount of crushed garlic and herbs. Fry until done.

Pie crust

The pizza dough can be spread in a pie dish, pre-baked and filled with pie fillings. A delicious quiche is cleverly created in a pizza base.


Cut the dough into thin pieces, sprinkle salt and herbs on the surface, and fry the sticks until crispy. Serve with soups and salads and as a side dish on a cheese board.

Mini pies

Use the mold to make circles from the dough. Fill one side of the circle with the fillings of your choice – for example feta softened with egg and seasoned with parmesan works well – turn the other side over the filling and press the edge with a fork. Brush the pies with egg and bake until done.


Fill the pizza crust with tasty toppings – don’t forget the stretchy cheese. Wrap the package in a roll and fry until cooked.

Ready-made pizza dough goes well with many dishes. Mari Moilanen

Pizza rolls

(for 6 people)

1 pkt Pizza kit pizza dough with tomato sauce

1/2 pot of fresh oregano

1 dl grated mozzarella cheese

1. Cut the opened pizza dough in half lengthwise. Spread the tomato sauce on the other half. Sprinkle oregano leaves and grated cheese on top.

2. Place one half as a lid on the other and cut the sheet into pieces about 2 cm wide in the width direction of the dough.

3. Grab the ends of the pieces and twist them into a spiral.

4. Bake the twists until cooked in a 200-degree oven, for about 8–10 minutes.


If you want to change the twists, you can spread red pesto, nduja or tapenade on the dough instead of tomato sauce.

Wine tip

The Mallorcan red wine Oliver Moragues La Faula (€16.49) sits comfortably with the pizza twists to start the weekend.

The wine is rich, yet mouth-wateringly soft and deliciously berry red wine, with just the right amount of spice to satiate the weekend’s little eaters.