Reading week: author Tine Mortier reads from her own book

    Children also came to the library of Deerlijk this afternoon to listen to Tine Mortier, author of children’s books from Waregem. She has written more than 40 of them, but most of all she reads. “I really enjoy doing it. I started when my children were little. And I really enjoy reading to other children now. Children first come into contact with books that way and I think that there is actually the seed is sown for a lifelong love of books and of language.”

    And that love for books, from a young age, that’s exactly what the reading week is all about. Today, for many children and young people, the laptop or tablet is a formidable competitor.

    The reading week is a tradition . This week, Queen Mathilde also read from the book A Sea of ​​Love by the West Flemish youth author Pieter Gaudesaboos.