Project X Haren celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Jack van Gelder comes to Groningen (after he said that the gas tap was allowed to open). Willem Alexander’s psychological trick and what about the mobilization of Russia? Here’s today’s news that you (possibly) missed.

    Mobilization, escalation

    The Putin proclaimed partial mobilization is a second step in the war with Ukraine, says Russia expert Hans van Koningsbrugge .

    Putin addressed the Russians on live TV for the first time since the start of the war, accusing the West of “nuclear blackmail” and “wanting to destroy” Russia. What does a mobilization mean for the country, and what are the consequences for Europe?

    Marianne lost everything

    She is defeated at the blackened remains of her aquarium specialist AquaFauna in Nieuwe Pekela. The business on the Holland Marsh business park burned in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday off.

    Marianne Wesdorp overlooks the remains of her passion. “This is such a bitter pill.” She doesn’t know how to proceed. “My income is gone. I think I should look for a job.”

    More news from Groningen can be found here . For example the look back at Project X Haren . The riots are exactly ten years ago today.

    E and more sustainable home without worries

    Buying a hybrid heat pump? Insulate a house? Many homeowners find it complicated and expensive. In this municipality are they working on a plan? to take all worries away.

    The latest news from Drenthe you read here. We asked baker Henk Slagter from Coevorden why he is already frying oliebollen on the assembly line .

    Hostage at Hollands Hoop farm

    The theater performance Hollands Hoop has got an epilogue unexpectedly . Owner Menno Offringa of Hoog Hammen farm, the playing location, blocked all entrances and exits in a conflict. The production employees, who wanted to break down, felt held hostage.

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    Buongiorno Jonathan

    Jonathan is on vacation, but a letter to his pen pal William about the football weekend can still be sent. And their Eredivisie clubs are not doing well, so they have plenty to discuss . Will ‘Grandpa Frank’ and ‘Adrie Cinema’ lose out to Generation Z?

    Also with unlucky Bauke Mollema things are not going well at the World Cup. Click here for all our sports news .

    Too many hallmarks

    In 2021, consumers bought almost 8 billion euros worth of ‘sustainable’ food in supermarkets, the CBS and the University of Wageningen estimate. But whether we have really started to eat more sustainably…

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    More in the news

    Editor’s recommendation

    ‘Open that gas tap,’ said Jack van Gelder. ‘Come and have a look in the earthquake area’, said Peter from Kantens. The sports presenter accepts that invitation. On Friday he will come to Groningen for a tour of the earthquake area. Does he talk so easily afterwards? about gas extraction?

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