Radio host of the year Niko Saarinen hit his winning post

Niko Saarinen was awarded Radio Presenter of the Year at the Radio Gala on Friday – and the victory celebration was hilarious.

Even on Saturday morning, the fulfillment of a big dream still feels like a dream.

– At no point did I see this as possible. I still had to pinch myself in the morning, commented Niko Saarinen For Iltalehti.

Just being nominated in a prestigious category felt like a big win for NRJ’s morning host. The fact that the general public voted him the best presenter hit the man with a sly.

Saarinen gave an emotional speech in front of the gala audience at the Helsinki Messukeskus.

– That award is the culmination of a 15-year career. This is the best honor I can receive. I’ve been aiming for a job as a radio host for a long time and it’s been my dream. Just the fact that I get to do radio as a job is a victory for me, he says now.

Niko Saarinen won the Radio Presenter of the Year award at the Radio Gala on Friday. RADIO MEDIA

Wild victory celebrations

After an emotional speech of thanks, Saarinen’s evening continued from the Helsinki Fair Center to a bar in Helsinki.

The radio star, who was enjoying the bubbly, hit the porter’s hand with his victory pin, which was in a white plastic bag.

– I told him to take care of it. Portsari left the award at the parade ground, Saarinen says.

There were enough congratulators in the bar, which warmed the heart of the radio host of the year.

– It was incomprehensible how the strangers congratulated the entire bar evening, he sighs.

– Because I’m doing morning radio, I’m already tired by two. Then it’s home through the grill.

The continuations were so fast that Radiogaala’s victory column took a hit during them.

– It has survived the sequels, but it has a small dent. It has gone a bit broken, says Niko Saarinen.

He is not bothered by the bump on the trophy stand.

– It just looks like me. It’s a miracle that I even have it here at home, he remarks in good humor.

I got a place

Saarinen is an entertainment all-rounder. He once became famous from the 2008 Big Brother Suomi program and has since appeared in, for example, Viidako stätös, Selviytyji and Farmi Suomi. He also does the popular Nikotellen podcast.

The recent winner wants to share his thoughts with his NRJ morning host couple Julianna Jokelan with.

– This whole radio year has been incredible. First of all, the weekend and from there to the morning. When doing morning radio, the host pair means a lot. A good radio host lifts up and helps another host. On Monday, that piece goes to our studio, it’s for both of us, says Saarinen.

– Without Julianna, I wouldn’t be the radio host I am today.

All sorts of things can happen before the next broadcast. Saarinen reveals that the victory celebrations will continue today, Saturday.

– We have to continue celebrating even today with friends, this is such an incredible thing, Saarinen laughs on the phone.