Tite’s team missed their debut in the World Cup and won 2-0 thanks to two goals from the Tottenham striker. Vlahovic enters the second half, but has little impact. The Brazilian star went out in the 80th minute with a swollen right ankle

    From our correspondent Luca Bianchin

    November 24th
    – Doha (Qatar)

    The Brazilian fans outside the stadium may be fake – many were Middle Eastern… – but the talent inside the field is of protected origin, like wine. Lusail sends a message to the world: Tite’s Brazil are entitled to their status as favorites for the World Cup. They beat Serbia 2-0, two goals from Richarlison, and that’s almost the least. More important to have beaten a very disappointing Serbia in the second half but still concrete, even bad, keeping up the morale of all the most important players. Neymar, after a normal hour (and then replaced in the 80th minute with a swollen ankle), began the action of the first goal. Vinicius kicked the ball which made it 1-0 and assisted to make it 2-0. Richarlison simply scored a brace and scored the best goal of these five days of the World Cup. How do you say, until 0-0 was he the worst on the pitch? True, but in the face of beauty, everything disappears.

    the two goals

    So let’s review them, the goals. Minute 17′, Neymar from the center finds Vinicius who kicks from the left and, on the deflection of Vanja Milinkovic Savic, Richarlison is better and luckier than Pavlovic. The ball arrives in his area and he scores 1-0. Minute 28′: Vinicius crosses from outside, again from his left, and Richarlison creates modern art: stop on the fly and scissors. Elegance applied to football. At that point, the game is already over. Serbia doesn’t have the strength to react, Brazil field one star after another – Gabriel Jesus, Antony, Martinelli – and enjoy themselves.


    Yes, but what match was it? The track is explained in a moment. Serbia defended themselves with nine red shirts behind the ball line and left Mitrovic alone up there in attack. When someone recovered the ball – and more than once it was Gudelj – he tried to get to Mitrovic quickly or Tadic and Milinkovic, who were playing close to him. For the rest, a midfield attacking exercise. Brazil circulated, with Thiago Silva playmaker added, and hoped that someone would find the right pocket. Two chances in the first half: a vision from Thiago Silva for Vinicius with a timely exit from Milinkovic and a touch from Paquetá wasted by Rafinha. In the second half, another pace and another story, with a convincing Brazil in everything: Danilo was the usual professor and saved a danger almost on the line, Alex Sandro and Casemiro took the post and crossbar, Paquetá was the most brilliant for a long time .


    Serbia, on the other hand, played a very defensive game: if there is something to defend, they defend together (with a little physical intimidation, if possible). He bet on the reduction in the number of goals scored and on the talent of his Brazilian, who would be Tadic, but he miscalculated. In the first half, everything was fine. In the second, a disaster. Individuality: Kostic was unavailable, Vlahovic entered Brazil’s best moment and did nothing, both in pairs with Mitrovic and alone. At this point, thoughts inevitably turn to Cameroon and above all to Switzerland. So, for the round of 16, it’s not enough.