PVDA chairman Hedebouw hammers again at millionaire’s tax: “Would bring in 8 billion euros” | Interior

In his speech on the occasion of Labor Day, PVDA chairman Raoul Hedebouw again calls for the introduction of a millionaire’s tax in our country. “Our proposal only affects the fortunes of the super-rich. That would raise eight billion euros,” said the far-left politician. He also lashes out at Vooruit chairman Conner Rousseau and the far-right party Vlaams Belang.

According to Hedebouw, the proposal of the PVDA is already ready in the House. A tax of 1 percent would therefore be levied on net assets of between one million and two million euros, 2 percent on assets between two and three million and 3 percent on assets above 3 million euros.

“Our millionaire’s tax would raise 8 billion euros and can be voted on tomorrow,” claims the PVDA chairman. “We can use that 8 billion for our pensions, for our health care, for our public services.”

The existing securities tax is insufficient for Hedebouw. “The ultra-rich are not affected by this tax,” he says. “That is what my comrade Peter Mertens revealed a few weeks ago based on figures from the Minister of Finance.”

In an interview with the radio news editors of Qmusic and Joe, Hedebouw refers to the millionaire’s tax in France. It was feared that the super-rich would leave the country en masse. “A report from the French Senate has clearly shown that 99 percent of the wealthy have remained in the country. Only 1 percent left … to Switzerland and to Belgium. Our country is a tax hell for the working class, but a tax haven for the rich.”

Slash at Vooruit chairman Rousseau and Vlaams Belang

Hedebouw also hits out at Vooruit chairman Conner Rousseau. “I do not understand that Conner Rousseau is already looking at the N-VA to form a coalition in 2023,” says the native of Liège. “The N-VA is a neoliberal party that pre-eminently defends the super rich. And what do we determine? That Conner Rousseau wants to punish the unemployed instead of going after the super rich!”

In his May 1 speech, Rousseau also lashed out at the super-rich. “I always hear people say that there is no money for that, but is that the case? The richest person in the world does not live in Switzerland, not in Monaco and not in the Bahamas, but in Belgium,” he said, after which he called for the creation of an asset register.

The other side of the political spectrum is also affected. The PVDA chairman also refers to the pension scandal in the Chamber. “When it comes to grabbing along, Vlaams Belang always participates,” says Hedebouw. “Vlaams Belang, there it always sounds from its own people first. At Vlaams Belang it is ‘own grabs first’”, the politician continues.

“Grab a lot of money for themselves, and then hope that people don’t see it and that people stomp down more. To the Walloons, to the unemployed, to the migrants,” he adds.