The future of psychiatry training at Mental Health Care Eindhoven (GGzE) is in doubt. The Registration Commission (RGS) wants to revoke the license after extensive investigation. This also applies to the recognition of the head trainer and deputy head trainer.

    This is a provisional decision of the RGS, which investigated the situation at the training. This happened after complaints from former doctors in training to become specialists. This showed that there is an unsafe learning climate. The RGS is a committee that assesses whether the quality and safety of medical training is in order.

    The decision is not yet final. On September 29, the mental health institution will have the opportunity to respond during an interview. Then the RGS takes the plunge. “This needs to sink in,” a spokesperson for GGzE said. “We are currently studying the feedback we have received from the RGS. In the meantime, we are continuing to implement the improvement plan.”

    ‘Huge problem’
    If the training actually disappears, GGzE will have a ‘huge problem’, experts told Omroep Brabant earlier. The current doctors in training will then have to leave on 1 January 2023. Because they perform a lot of work, the workload for psychiatrists will be too great. Clients will then have to wait longer for care. GGzE treated about 12,000 people last year who needed psychological help.

    The intended decision follows the suspension of the psychiatry training at GGzE. This was imposed in July by the Registration Commission. A few months ago, this committee received a major complaint. Many complaints from former doctors in training are about the role of head trainer Machteld Marcelis. She decided to temporarily resign from her duties as head trainer.

    Unsafe learning climate
    The exact nature of the complaints is unknown, although the RGS concluded that there was an ‘unsafe learning climate’. Last week, the GGzE acknowledged that it had missed signs of this. Improvements are now being made. It has now been announced that Marcelis will certainly not return to work as head trainer before March 1, 2023.

    In addition to being chief educator at GGzE, Marcelis is a professor at Maastricht University. There were also several complaints about her last summer. The university has launched an investigation.

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