Princess Bajrakitiyabha of Thailand is being treated in hospital.

    Princess Bajrakitiyabha is still hospitalized.

    Princess of Thailand Bajrakitiyabha was training his dog when he suddenly fainted.

    King Maha Vajiralongkorn child Bajrakitiyabha was taken to the hospital at that time, on December 14, for treatment. This is reported by the Reuters news agency.

    44-year-old Bajrakitiyabha is still unconscious.

    The doctors treating Bajrakitiyabha have diagnosed him with mycoplasma bacteria, which has caused a heart infection and severe heart arrhythmia. The Court of Thailand announced the matter.

    So Bajrakitiyabha’s father is Maha Vajiralongkorns (ruling name Rama X) and mother is the king’s cousin princess Soamsawali.

    Bajrakitiyabha has played a prominent, public role ever since her father ascended the throne in 2016. Bajrakitiyabha has also been talked about as a possible crown princess.

    In Bangkok, they pray for the princess. PDO

    Bajrakitiyabha has been in a prominent, public role ever since 2016. Thai TV POOl/Reuters

    Removed mention of Bajrakitiyabha being the king’s only child. He is the only child of the king and Soamsawal.