Prince Harry resorted to his mother and grandmother’s favorite cream

The English court, Hollywood stars, professional make-up artists and millions of people all have one and the same credit product.

Prince Harry’s sensational autobiography was released in January 2023 worldwide. All Over Press

Elizabeth Arden’s classic cream is the nobleman of multifunctional cosmetic products with numerous uses. Prince Harry revealed in his recently published biography that he resorted to this miracle cream when he took care of his frost-bitten intimate area on a charity trip to the North Pole.

Prince Harry’s late grandmother Queen Elizabeth was a regular user of this popular multitasking cream. All Over Press

The same cream has been part of the trusted cosmetic products of many public figures and industry professionals for decades. Prince Harry’s family from mother to grandmother were also regular users of this cream, as the Princess of Wales of both Diana’s and Queen Elizabeth of England is said to have been a fan of the product. This cream tube can also be found on stars such as Lady Gaga, by Rachel Bilson and Victoria Beckham’s bathroom cabinets.


Use Elizabeth Arden’s 8h cream, for example, like this:

For intensive moisturizing: Lips, feet, hands and dry areas of the whole body or face.

As a makeup product: As a highlighting product for cheekbones, lids or to draw eyebrows into patterns.

As a hair product: Smooth the loose hair with a small amount of the product applied to the hands and gently rub the rest into the ends.

To handle: Small scratches and cracks in the skin, such as cracked heels, cuticles and elbows and fingertips.

In extreme weather conditions: To prevent and treat frostbite and sun-damaged skin.

Duchess of Sussex: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry All Over Press

The American brand’s balsam cream was developed in 1930. Its name comes from the experience of a regular user of the cream – Elizabeth Arden’s neighbor. This one managed to heal his son’s knee scar with the product in just eight hours. The cream contains, among other things, nourishing vitamin E.

Elizabeth Arden’s multifunctional cream is also a favorite product of many ordinary consumers. This cult cosmetic product is said to be sold globally at a breakneck speed: up to a tube per minute.

Elizabeth Arden 8h cream 44 e, Sokos.

Product image: manufacturer.