Primary school in Norg hopes for a new building in the same place

If it is up to the board of OBS De Hekakker and the municipality of Noordenveld, the school will be rebuilt on the same spot. Local residents are positive about this plan.

This became clear tonight during a meeting in the school that was built in 1979. Because the building is very outdated and there is also leakage, new construction is urgently needed. The municipality hopes to be able to start building a new child center in 2024, which will also include a childcare facility.

The municipality and architectural firm DAAD from Beilen have come to the same conclusion in separate studies: rebuilding on the same spot on Schoolstraat is the best option. The Brinkhof, the Brinkhofweide, the Kamplaan and football club GOMOS were also investigated.

School director Han Kemker is happy with the results. He did not like a school at multifunctional center De Brinkhof – with a view of the cemetery. “We think the current location is the most suitable. It is a quiet location with social security. In other words, the school is being watched by the neighborhood and I think we are a good neighbour.”

According to Rob Hendriks of DAAD Architecten, new construction on De Brinkhofweide would perhaps offer the most possibilities. “But then you have to change the zoning plan that can take years, while you have to do something with the accommodation of the school in the short term.”

In addition, according to Hendriks, the nearby supermarket is a problem. “The route, past the supermarket, is very difficult in combination with a school.”