The former president of Genoa on the wiretapping of Coni’s number 1: “The fact that you judge me as a convicted offender surprises me because we met and embraced even months ago. It seems to me that he has to defend himself against an accusation of corruption… “

    Preziosi-Malagò, very tense nerves. “The fact that today Malagò judges me a offender surprises me because even months ago we met and embraced. It seems to me that he has to defend himself against an accusation of corruption, perhaps he is the offender”, thunders Enrico Preziosi, former president of Genoa, defined as a “prejudiced” by Coni’s number 1, according to interceptions dating back to 2020 between Malagò and Zappia, former CEO of Sky Italia, published this morning in “La Repubblica”, interceptions that ended up in the proceedings of an investigation by the Milan prosecutor’s office on television rights.


    Preziosi is unleashed against Malagò. “He stands as a judge of what we are, given that he brings up the presidents of Serie A and also Lotito – he continues – I can’t understand how a human being can do this, we met again many times and we always hugged each other , maybe she was hugging a criminal…”. Malagò had also been investigated by the Milan prosecutor’s office for forgery, regarding the election in 2018 of Gaetano Micciché as president of the League “by acclamation”, at a time when the number 1 of Coni was also commissioner of Serie A. A complaint to the prosecutor’s office which, however, “I didn’t do – says Preziosi – I’ve never reported anyone. I have now been out of football for a year and a half and already at the time the fact that Malagò was linked to Micciché was evident, it does not surprise me that they have done particular things. Maybe he should do an analysis of his conscience and understand what the right behaviors should have been for us when he was commissioner of Serie A ”.