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Stsecond appointment tonight on Rai 1 at 21.25 with Night exterior, the miniseries of Mark Bellocchio about the kidnapping Moro. The protagonists of tonight’s episode are the Dad (Tony Servillo) and terrorists (mostly Adriana Farandaplayed by Daniela Mara). Two sides cher represent “good” against “evil”, but looking at how the facts unfold it is not clear who really is “good” and who is “evil”.

The Dad who works for the salvation of Moro too diplomatically is it “the good”? And Faranda, who contributed to the kidnapping Moro but argues the cause of his own liberation, is it evil? Just digging deeply into the psychological and intimate implications of the various protagonists, Looker manages to show the other side of reality of an event that marked Italy.

Night exterior: previews of the second part

Romewe arrived in April of ’78. Aldo Moro (Gifuni) was kidnapped on March 16th ’78. The new Andreotti IV government just set up with external support of the Communist party to the DC (the famous “historic compromise” for which he fought Morohowever, opposed by a large part of his party, the A.D). Politics has decided to follow the line of “firmness”, that is, not to deal with terrorists.

However the doubts are enormous and another road makes its way: to start unofficially negotiations through the Vatican. To support this thesis is Pope Paul VI in person (Tony Servillo), willing to pay a huge ransom in order to free the friendly politician.

Toni Servillo is Pope Paul VI. (Rai)

This hypothesis, however, divides: the generals war council (convened after the kidnapping) they are against, but Giulio Andreotti and its majority, with a thousand caveats, finally decide to support it. So a Vatican emissary meet the alleged terrorist Chichiarelli. But he doesn’t provide proof of that Moro is still alive and the Dad he convinces himself that he is not a true Red Brigade member. He thinks that someone in the government is actually obstructing the negotiations.

At this point the rift between the Holy See and the government is total. If the Pope wants to save Moro he must ask for his “unconditional release and without compensation”, is the line of Andreotti. Which translates to “do not treat”.

Faranda emerges, a “good” terrorist who wanted to save Moro

The other episode of tonight’s episode focuses on the figure of Adriana Faranda, who between ’76 and ’78 abandons his daughter to enter the Red Brigades with mate Valerio Morucci. Joins the “roman column” of the Br with the task of follow Moro. On one occasion she risks being discovered. He buys and sews the fake aviator uniforms with which his companions disguise themselves to kidnap Moro and, after the kidnapping, is identified for the purchase made. During the imprisonment of the president of the A.Ddo the relay race which delivers the press releases of the Br to the newspapers.

Daniela Marra is Adriana Faranda. (Anna Camerlingo)

deeply idealistic, Adriana Faranda lives a strong inner tangle: he claims the cause of the BRs but it is intimately contrary to how the Br act in case Moro. For example, he did not want the private letter of Moor in Cossiga (the one in which the kidnapped asked to start private negotiations) was made public by Br. And he absolutely does not want Aldo Moro to dietherefore he rebels against the “sentence” of his death sentence issued by his companions.

Try to create a “transversal democratic front” that opposes “armed revolution” with Worker powerthe far-left extra-parliamentary group from which he came. But he is in the minority.

Night exterior awarded at the European Oscars

Night exterior is a TV series divided into three parts (the next and last date airs Thursday 17 November). It is the first work with which Mark Bellocchio engages in one drama. So important that it was presented to the Cannes Film Festival (in the summer she went to the cinema in two parts).

The next December 10 will be awarded at the Efathe European Oscars With the’Award for Innovative Storytelling (the award for the most innovative storytelling) to Marco Bellocchio.