POLITICS: Federal Public Prosecutor Frank: Reappraise the Ukraine war internationally

KARLSRUHE (dpa-AFX) – Attorney General Peter Frank has spoken out in favor of a criminal investigation of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine at international level. “Whether by the International Criminal Court or a special tribunal is ultimately a decision of the international community,” he told the “Welt am Sonntag”. But ultimately they want to hold state leaders accountable, “that is, those who made the political decision to start a war and the people who implement this decision at the highest military level.” Frank: “In my opinion, that speaks for a reappraisal on an international level.”

In March 2022, the German federal prosecutor’s office initiated so-called structural investigations into war crimes in the Ukraine war. The aim is to first secure as much evidence as possible without specific suspects. Frank said there are currently indications in the three-digit range. “We adapt the focus of our investigations to the development of the situation in Ukraine.” The focus is currently on the mass killings in Bucha or attacks on the civilian Ukrainian infrastructure./sem/DP/mis