The development of hydrogen technology and the infrastructure required for its use are being supported by the state with subsidies and support packages worth billions. Car and above all commercial vehicle manufacturers as well as aircraft and train builders have high expectations of the hydrogen drive. Above all, energy-intensive industries such as the chemical and steel sectors also have high hopes for green hydrogen. Investors can also rely on this! How exactly will you find out in the Online seminar on February 8th explained by seasoned industry experts!

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    This sector offers great growth potential in the medium term. Nevertheless, by no means as many orders have been awarded and investments initiated as would be necessary to achieve the climate targets. The course development of the hydrogen specialists also showed high fluctuations in the past year. In the Online seminar on February 8th the pros will tell you how to deal with it!

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    In this online seminar illuminate the onemarkets experts together with hydrogen specialist Dr. David Wenger asked the following questions on February 8th:

    • Where is the government money going?
    • When can the first hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles roll through Europe without any problems?
    • Is covering the energy requirement 100% from renewable energy sources at all realistic and worth striving for?
    • How can investors bet on the hydrogen sector?

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    Your experts in the online seminar

    Your expert in the online seminar

    dr David Wenger is the founder and owner of Wenger Engineering GmbH. With more than 18 years of experience and over 750 hydrogen projects worldwide, he is one of the leading experts, especially for hydrogen infrastructure.

    Your expert in the online seminar

    Nicholas Bart is an expert for investment solutions at UniCredit Bank AG, in Munich. He has been involved in securities investment solutions for more than 15 years. Initially he worked at ABN AMRO Bank as an expert for structured products, in 2010 he switched to the identical area at UniCredit. He contributes his expertise and passion for securities and capital markets.

    Your expert in the online seminar

    Sebastian Otter is an expert for investment solutions at UniCredit Bank AG, in Munich. Sebastian Otter has over 10 years of experience advising private and private banking clients. In the onemarkets team, he brings his expertise in the implementation of investment strategies to product design.

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