Police warn of ghost rental by the sea

    It is not a new phenomenon, but there are more reports now. At one address in Blankenberge even more than 10. There are also a number of victims in Koksijde. The police recommend that you always file a report.

    Best to report

    Watch out for those who book an apartment by the sea via the internet. Witnesses do not want to be on camera, but the reactions on Facebook say enough after a case of ghost rental in Blankenberge

    “We were with the police, but it could not help us. And the money has disappeared. The account has been deleted. It also immediately blocked us … everything as with us,” we read on Facebook.

    Jan Maertens of the Blankenberge-Zuienkerke Police Zone: “It is indeed an address where it has already happened several times. We always advise people to report it. Otherwise we cannot continue. We have several cases here. It is very difficult to to get an overview. When people move to another police zone, we don’t always have an overview of that.”

    “Only rent from official agencies or platforms”

    The police in Blankenberge certainly do not call ghost rental on the coast new.

    “We have known the phenomenon in itself for a number of years, but unfortunately we note that it occurs with peaks and troughs,” says Jan Maertens of the Blankenberge-Zuienkerke police zone.

    They therefore recommend that you only rent from recognized agencies and official platforms. A number of cases of ghost rentals have also been reported in Koksijde.