The FAST team of the federal police, in a joint operation with the Spanish police, has captured a third suspect allegedly involved in a brutal robbery of a bingo hall in Tortosa, Spain, between Barcelona and Valencia, last September. That reports Spanish media. One woman did not survive the robbery.

    Three armed robbers struck a Spanish bingo hall last year. A 50-year-old female employee was shot in the head and later died of her injuries in hospital. A second person – a visitor – was shot in the shoulder, but survived the shooting.

    The woman was shot dead when the robbers wanted to flee from the arcade. She could have pressed the panic button to set off the alarm. The robbers were unable to get away with any money. Only the smartphone of the second victim was taken.

    The FAST team of the federal police was able to catch a third suspect in the case this morning. The operation came about thanks to the European Network of Active Search for Fugitives (ENFAST), which was able to determine the whereabouts of the third alleged perpetrator. It concerns a 22-year-old man who eventually went into hiding in Brussels after his flight from Spain to France.

    Six people have already been arrested, reports ‘La Vanguardia’. Three of them – aged 20, 21 and 22 – were released again. One of the accused is a minor who was placed in a youth center by the Spanish prosecutor’s office. He is charged with murder, illegal possession of weapons and robbery with violence. Another suspect, a 35-year-old woman, is currently in custody.

    According to the investigators, the robbery is the act of a criminal gang. The prosecutor’s office does not want to release any further information. The police are further investigating the case.