Poetry in the streets thanks to Poetry Day

    The Zwevegem library is taking part in the ‘orphan poems’ project for the first time and – with its 50 poems – it is an unexpected success.

    In the library, however, it is not a storm for poetry. Thea Libbrecht, Zwevegem library: “It is a select audience that borrows those collections, but we now notice that it is something that appeals to a lot of people. I think Poetry Day is a very nice initiative. You now reach other people, including people who are not come to the library. Hopefully that will be good for our collection and the bundles will now be lent more often.”

    There is something for everyone, poems for children and adults, easy and less accessible verses. “We posted a few that seemed a bit more difficult, but if you read them a few times, you’ll eventually like them. You learn to appreciate them by reading them a lot.”

    There also is a audio tour along the 50 poems in Zwevegem.