Rosanna Kulju says that she got breast implants at the age of 21.

    Rosanna Kulju says in the podcast that she also took fillers, but removed them later. PASI LEISMA

    Entrepreneur and social influencer Rosanna Kulju, 31, states in her and Piritta Hagman’s joint podcast Pimp tribethat he wouldn’t make the same choices about his body today as he did ten years ago.

    In the podcast episode, Hagman and Kulju answer questions from their listeners. One question is related to what kind of advice the duo would give young women regarding their own body image.

    Hagman says he thinks about it often, because he has two daughters. According to him, the world today is very different from Hagman’s own youth.

    Kulju says that she got silicone breasts in 2011. INKA SOVERI

    Ideal body

    Kulju says that his little sister has just come of age, and for this reason he is closely involved in the young woman’s life. Kulju reveals that he regrets one thing about his youth and his body.

    – I had my breasts put on when I was 21 years old. If I could decide now, I would definitely not, says Kulju.

    Kulju says that she previously thought she needed silicone breasts because her body was against all ideals.

    – The year was 2011, yes then the ideal body was really skinny and big tits. That was it. A small, lean person had to have really big tits, he continues.

    According to Kulju, ten years ago “fakeness” could also be seen. During the last few years, he says that he came to the conclusion that he would not take implants. He cites breastfeeding as one of the reasons.

    – Yes, at this point it feels like it was worth it. Of course, no one can promise that I would be able to breastfeed even without these implants, but now I have definitely made it more challenging, she concludes.

    Rosanna Kulju previously told Iltalehti how she has invested in her well-being.

    You can listen to Rosanna Kulju and Piritta Hagman’s Pimppiheimo podcast From Podplay.