PnB Rock was shot and robbed in a restaurant on September 12. On September 27, Los Angelas police arrested two suspects and are on the trail of a possible third suspect.

    Arrested were a 17-year-old boy believed to have killed the rapper and a 38-year-old woman arrested for aiding and abetting. The woman is his mother. The boy’s father, who is said to have helped him as a getaway driver, is still on the run. This is described as “armed and dangerous”.

    The car in which the two are said to have fled was burned. The police assume to destroy evidence.

    There is still speculation as to why Rakim Hasheem Allen was killed. According to the police, an Instagram post from his girlfriend, who accompanied him in the restaurant, is said to have led to this. She allegedly posted a picture of the meal and its location, which is said to have enabled the perpetrators to find the rapper. However, this post no longer exists.

    PnB Rock’s career

    The musician had the song on September 2nd “Luv Me Again” released. His most famous single “Selfish” was released in 2017 and he had his breakthrough in 2015 “jealous”.<

    PnB Rock had with me “Middle Child” a song featuring rapper XXXTENTACION, who was also murdered and robbed in June 2018.