Pixie cropped, the cut that highlights the cheekbones

P.Can a haircut give a “botox like” effect and optically lift the cheekbones? Absolutely yes, when it comes to the new ones pixie cut, the most famous short hairstyle ever that for SS 2022 is reinvented in the version cropped, that is to say paraded and strategic.

From Zoe Kraviz (who wore it already in 2018) a Saweetie And Florence Pugh, there are many celebrities who have chosen this haircut to enhance the beauty of the face and highlight the look.

Pixie cropped: short cuts that enhance the cheekbones

“The pixie cut continues to establish itself as one of the most loved cuts by celebrities and non-celebrities,” he explains Alex Cappelletti, Salon Director by Tony & Guy Bologna. «But now comes the latest version of the pixie: the pixie croppedborn from the fusion of some of the coolest cuts of the moment, that is, the mullet and the shag ».

Lea Seydoux, Charlene of Monaco, Saweetie with cropped pixie cuts. (Credits: GettyImages)

«Compared to the classic version, the pixie cropped has a slightly more elongated look and a softer, less extreme texture. It is no longer the breakthrough cut launched by Jean Seberg in the 60s, but a versatile and sophisticated one hairlook that fits most faces and hair »continues the expert.

Pixie cropped, because it has an anti-aging effect

“With the pixie cut croppedthe hair is usually comb forward in the forehead area, eibehind on the lower part temples and ears “.

This contrast creates a effect spotlight on the cheekbone area bringing them to the discovered and exalting them, thus giving a fuller and lifted appearance to the face and highlighting some features »continues Alex Cappelletti.

Who is cropped pixie good for?

Like many short cuts, the pixie cut cropped fits well with most faces and styles.

“Works very well on the round face, softening its roundness with its texture and ease of styling, it could be more challenging on one elongated face or a prominent chinbut even here by extending it a little around the perimeter it can be remedied ».

From 30 to 60, a democratic cut suitable for everyone

“The pixie cropped it’s such a versatile cut that it fits all ages: the very young they can dare it short and masculinewith a “punkish” and disheveled twist a la Úrsula Corberó.

“More mature women will appreciate it longer and softer, soft, easy to wear but also to keep retouched to perfection »continues the expert.

Styling and care at home

«As for the styling space for your own imagination and creativityespecially for the softer and elongated versions.

Being a cut born for follow natural hair growth overly swollen or worked drying which would eliminate the immediacy and naturalness is not recommended. With the arrival of the heat also green light for drying in the open air. Just pat your hair with a towel and spray some texturizing spray on the lengths to make styling last longer.

If you are looking for a style more glam for the eveningyou can show off with a low side parting and a super sleek effect, exactly like Florence Pugh at the latest EE British Academy Film Awards ».

Wet effect, styling for summer 2022

«For this summer haircut will find all its strength in super natural version with a wet effect touch, easy to obtain ».

What is needed is only «one wet effect wax or a gel, for those looking for a more controlled effect. Starting with damp hair, just massage the hair with the chosen product and comb the hair backwards ».

Then you can proceed with drying with the help of a diffuser to emphasize the natural texture of the hair to the maximum. Et voilathe pixie cropped it is ready to go out “concludes the expert.