Permanently closed or open again? This is the case with ETOS in the Meerzicht shopping centre

For weeks, the editors of the Zoetermeer neighborhood have been receiving e-mails from readers asking what is going on with the ETOS branch in the Meerzicht shopping centre. The store is closed and it is unclear whether ETOS will open or not. We will contact the head office.

‘We are closed until January’ has been written on a note on the window for some time. Customers of ETOS in Meerzicht have been encountering a closed shop door for some time now.

Shops close (temporarily) for various reasons

Calling the ETOS branch at the Middelwaard is pointless because there is no answer. When visiting the shopping center, the dark and abandoned building immediately catches the eye. ETOS will come back, won’t it? According to a spokesman for ETOS, a store of the Albert Heijn group can close (temporarily) for various reasons. “We are not making any further announcements about that.”

When asked whether ETOS will reopen in Meerzicht, we get a short but clear answer: “The store will open again.” When? Unfortunately we don’t know that either.

Etos – Middelwaard

Middelwaard 28, 2716 CW Zoetermeer

Now open

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