Paul de Leeuw is no longer angry with Sonja Barend, who stabbed him in the back in 2011. “I really don’t want to hear that from her at all,” he looks back more than eleven years later.

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    Matthijs van Nieuwkerk invited Paul de Leeuw at the time to talk about his new TV show, but when he did not want to come, the talk show host decided to discuss the program with other guests in De Wereld Draait Door. Matthijs questioned the joke level and Sonja Barend indicated that Paul might be better off going on holiday for a year.

    Own clubhouse

    Very false, Paul thought. He was in all states. “I was shot in my own clubhouse. I have a really high opinion of Sonja Barend, but you hear that she has not watched the program properly and she does not see the innovation. I looked at it and Matthijs did not intervene and did not say anything,” he said, among other things.

    Sonja thought Paul’s anger was unjustified. “I watched that broadcast back to see if he was right. Then I wrote down what I said and emailed him and added, ‘Paul, there’s no reason to be mad at me.’”

    Paul looks back

    Paul looked back on this riot last night in the program De 10 Questions. “The shooting in your own clubhouse… It was said that I had to come up with something else. I agreed, but I really don’t want to hear that from her. That’s just like your mom telling you that. Your TV mom.”

    He continues: “She meant it very nicely, but I didn’t hear that at the time. She meant very well. When you are an adolescent, you do not hear what your mother actually means and you have to compare that with that. That I was crying-crying is slightly exaggerated, I can say now.”

    Butter cake

    How is the relationship with Sonja now? “I still have to eat butter cake at her. I do remember that at one point she was suddenly at my performance, which I didn’t know. I believe Mothers & Sons. She was suddenly there and she was also behind me. Then I was very moved. I also wrote a letter, so that is good.”

    The 10 Questions episode with Paul attracted 541 thousand viewers (12 percent) to SBS 6 yesterday. In the previous episodes Jeroen Pauw (477 thousand), Johan Derksen (581 thousand), Richard Groenendijk (448 thousand) and André van Duin ( 637 thousand) as a guest.

    Viewing figures

    The viewing figures of Thursday, January 5, 2023 (SKO):

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    01. The Smartest Man (NPO1) 2,260,00001. NPO1 / 28.2%
    02. Journal 20:00 (NPO1) 2,175,00002. RTL4 / 18.2%
    03. A house full (NPO1) 1,287,00003. SBS6 / 9.7%
    04. EenVandaag (NPO1) 1,157,00004. NPO2 / 7.8%
    05. Half past seven news (RTL4) 1,148,00005. RTL8 / 4.4%
    06. News 18:00 (NPO1) 1,122,00006. RTL5 / 4.3%
    07. RTL Boulevard (RTL4) 995,00007. Vero / 3.9%
    08. Married at first sight (RTL4) 886,00008. NPO3 / 3.6%
    09. Edition NL (RTL4) 833,00009. RTL7 / 3.5%
    10. Sinan in search of paradise (NPO1) 829,00010.NET5 / 2.9%
    11. Op1 (NPO1) 822,00011. FOX / 1.3%
    12. Six Hours of News (RTL4) 771,00012. BBC / 1.3%
    13. Jinek (RTL4) 750,00013. Paramount / 1.2%
    14. Good Times Bad Times (RTL4) 711,00014. Discov / 1.2%
    15. Journal late (NPO1) 679,00015. RTLZ / 0.8%

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    01. Public Broadcasting 39.6%
    02. RTL Netherlands 31.3%
    03. Talpa TV 17.0%

    Programs that did not make the top 15 include Time for MAX (629 thousand), Mr. Frank Visser (536 thousand), Hart van Nederland (526 thousand), Nieuwsuur (514 thousand), Shownieuws (453 thousand) and HLF8 (315 thousand).