The number of infections with the corona virus in our country has risen slightly again. The number of hospital admissions continues to fall, according to data from Sciensano.

    Between 12 and 18 November, averaged daily 743 infections established. That is an increase of 14 percent on a weekly basis.

    During that period, approx 6,016 tests decreased, of which approx 13.5 percent positive pale.

    Daily death in the meantime 5 people from the consequences of an infection (+9 percent). Since the start of the pandemic, more than 33,000 Belgians have died from the consequences of a corona infection.

    From 15 to 21 November 43 people in hospital every day Hospitalized. This is a weekly decrease of 19 percent.

    There are currently 707 people with a corona infection in hospitals (-11 percent), of whom 48 in intensive care (-13 percent).

    It reproduction numberwhich indicates the extent to which the epidemic is spreading, is currently up 0.917. A number below 1 means the pandemic is declining.

    Meanwhile, almost 32.6 percent of Belgians a second booster shot got. Of the over-65s, 71.2 percent have already received a new injection.