Open Nature Series Serengeti: What a Miracle? Dramatized scenes

Serengeti II consists of fictional animal stories.

The animal stories in the series are fictional, although the background is the correct, species-like behavior of the animals. Pictured is Sefu. Yle

The Serengeti is a large national park in northern Tanzania in Africa. Six parts of a spacious nature Serengeti II series is located there. Right from the foreword, it is said that the lives of animals are described through dramatized events. The term is familiar from the side of TV entertainment, but what does it mean in the nature series?

In short: the animal stories in the series are imaginary, even if they are based on the proper behavior of the animals.

Supervisor John Downer says In his BBC articlethat everything is based on the species-specific activities of animals already known in advance. Based on it, a manuscript was prepared before the descriptions began, which were then edited along the way. At times, situations have come up that no one could have foreseen, and then progress has been made according to a manuscript dictated by nature.

John Downer is the director of the Serengeti. All Over Press

In addition, whenever possible, the main part of each story has seen the same animal around which the story is built. In all situations, however, it has not succeeded. Then, a single, unified story is compiled from the footage of several representatives of a single species. This is how the plot of the episodes progresses logically.

“The stories of all the animals are compiled according to their proper use, and they are faithful to the natural functioning of the animals involved,” Downer recalls in his writing.

The first episode is called Intrigue. In a cruel story, Bibi tries to steal Cheka’s chick. Yle

The fairytale character of the Serengeti is enhanced by the fact that the animals are named. The names of all come from the Swahili language, which is the dominant language of the Serengeti region.

– Sometimes we just use translation. Tembo means elephant and Duma gebard, Downer points out.

Sometimes, on the other hand, animals are given local names that have some meaning or that aptly describe the nature of what is being described.

– The female lion Kali is wild, the gazelle Tamu is cute again.

In the opening session, an elephant named Kadogo plays with his cousins. Yle

The Serengeti of the second season was described in some challenging conditions when the park was flooded.

– The shooting cars were repeatedly stuck in the mud, the cameras did not work in wet weather and the roads and bridges were washed away, Downer lists in his text.

Despite everything, the series was done. At the same time, the search for refuge for the animals seen in the main part was proved. No one knew how to script these escape attempts in advance.

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