“Open & N-VA” steps in De Haan as “List Mayor” to the voter

“Open & N-VA” steps in De Haan as “List Mayor” to the voter

This new name replaces the name “Open & N-VA”, with which the group successfully participated in the 2018 elections. The party is already beating itself up.

First alderman Rudi Cattrysse: “In recent years, our mayor has succeeded as a professional politician in keeping the administration of the municipality firmly under control and on track. His contacts with the higher authorities have also provided the municipality with many subsidies and solutions for long-drawn-out files.”

“A home for everyone of good will”

Mayor Wilfried Vandaele explains the name change: “Governing a municipality nowadays requires a professional approach; it’s not something you can just do once in a while. People don’t realize what’s involved. In fact, we should be able to bring together the efforts and expertise of all municipal councilors – majority and opposition – for the benefit of our municipality. Our List of the Mayor therefore wants to be a home for everyone who is of good will and wants to commit to our ambitious program”.