Frans Klein (left) with presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk in 2007, at the presentation of new VARA television programs for that season.Image ANP

    The NPO announced an independent investigation into the work culture at DWDD on Monday afternoon. That is about what exactly happened behind the scenes, what signals about abuses there have been and what has been done with those signals. Klein wants to ‘prevent a discussion about the independence of the research’, the NPO writes in a press release. He is therefore stepping down from his position pending the outcome.

    Friday came de Volkskrant out with an investigation into the toxic work environment at DWDD. Conversations with dozens of former employees of the program showed that there was structurally transgressive behavior behind the scenes, including by the 62-year-old presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. Dozens of employees fell ill because of the working conditions.

    Van Nieuwkerk resigned his work at BNNVara (formerly the Vara) on Monday. On Tuesday it was also announced that two television programs that Van Nieuwkerk makes for broadcaster NTR – the Top 2000 Quiz and the Top 2000 à Go-Go – will not be broadcast with him as a presenter this year. The NTR took this decision in consultation with Van Nieuwkerk.

    An earlier version of this article stated that the Top 2000 Quiz and the Top 2000 à Go-Go not aired this year. However, the programs may be on television without presenter Van Nieuwkerk.