Now it shook! Latvian fans struck in Käärijä in front of the Swedish embassy

Latvians have a peculiar tradition of celebrating victory in front of embassies.

Latvia will play in the World Cup semi-finals for the first time on Saturday. EPA / AOP

Finnish hockey fans, especially in recent years, have made others familiar with the order to go to the market when Finland achieves significant things in sports or also in Eurovision.

Latvia also has its own traditions, which we got a taste of on Thursday night, when the small hockey country beat Sweden in the World Cup and advanced to the semi-finals. Latvian politician Selma Lawrence says on Twitter that Latvians have a habit of taking flowers to the embassy of the country that Latvia has won in ice hockey.

So during Thursday night, the Swedish embassy received a lot of celebrating Latvians and bouquets of flowers in front of its building. The hockey fans did not immediately leave the embassy, ​​but continued their party there.

Among other things, a song by Swedish Abba was played in front of the embassy Winner Takes It All. In one of the videos published on social media, they also danced to a hit song by Käärijä, the representative of Finland’s virtuosity.

Cha Cha Cha has become very popular in the world. Jussi Eskola

Käärijä finished second in Eurovision and lost the victory to Sweden’s Loreen with judges’ votes. The song Cha Cha Cha, which became the public’s favorite, was played in front of the Swedish embassy as a reminder of whose five-piece song gathered the most audience votes in the competition.

– Winners play winners’ songs, Levrence wrote the video connection.

Levrence admitted that the racing frenzy has taken him away. Just as it has taken Finns in 2022 and 2019.

– Although I have been a bit skeptical about customs related to patriotism, this is a historic moment for our country. It seems obvious to participate, even though the traditions can be awkward.

Playing in the World Cup semi-final for the first time, Latvia will face Canada on Saturday. In Sunday’s medal game, it will face either the United States or Germany.

Latvian fans have been in a party mood since the beginning. Timo Kunnari