The share of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (WKN: A1KBL8) collapsed to an all-time low of $7.03 during the Corona crash in March 2020. The subsequent cyclical uptrend that was established took the cruise line to a high of $34.49 seen in March 2021. Since then, the bears have been at the helm again. the cyclical bear market sent the listing back down to one marked in June of this year Historical low at $10.31. Above that, she tried one stabilization and could in the course of a adynamic recovery trends until $14.07 advance. The bearish formed on Monday Shooting Star Candle was published after the quarterly figures confirmed in yesterday’s trading. The stock tore accompanied by high volume one downward gap and violated the support of 50-day line. Technically, the chart is now Recovery trend line currently at $11.67 as well as the last Reaction low at $11.16 in focus. Falling below them at the end of the day would send a bearish connection signal and the support zone $10.31/10.47 activate as a possible next target. Below that, the all-time low should be seen again in the medium term $7.03 be scheduled. In this case, the potential interim goals are: Fibonacci Extensions at $9.29, $8.87, and $7.98. Possible recoveries would now at $12.63/12.68 and $13.40-14.08 encounter resistance. A daily close above the latter zone is required for a brightening of the medium-term chart picture. If successful, possible recovery targets are $14.91, $15.89 and $16.34/$17.08.