Nokia is building a 4G connection to the Moon

Nokia plans to build an internet connection to the Moon.

Nokia agreed on the network with NASA in 2020. Antti Mannermaa

The technology giant Nokia is planning to introduce a 4G connection on the Moon, he says CNBC.

The equipment is scheduled to land in Shackelton Crater on the southern edge of the Moon later this year.

Nokia plans to launch the network on a SpaceX rocket in the coming months, Nokia’s chief engineer Luis Maestro Ruiz De Temino told in March.

The 4G network will be used as part of the US space administration NASA’s Artemis program, which aims to return humans to the surface of the moon after a break of more than 50 years.

The next people are scheduled to be transported to the Moon in 2025.

Nokia informs, that the network system can be managed and monitored from air traffic control located on Earth. According to Nokia, the technology is designed to withstand the extreme conditions of space.

Nokia aims to “pave the way for a sustainable human presence on the Moon”. According to Nokia, the 4G network allows astronauts to communicate with each other and with air traffic control, control vehicles remotely and send real-time video and device information back to Earth.