Travelers who have booked a flight with KLM do not have to worry that their summer holiday will go up in smoke. TUI Nederland’s own airline has also succeeded in allowing all trips to continue. Travel organization Sunweb says it has succeeded in carrying out all holidays between 7 July and 14 August.

    KLM will limit the sale of tickets in the months of July and August in order to Schiphol’s requirement to limit the number of passengers at the airport. Due to the major shortage of personnel – especially in security – airlines at Schiphol are being forced to take measures to prevent overflowing departure halls.

    According to KLM, it will cancel flights on a limited scale in the summer, but says that travelers who have already booked their holiday do not have to worry about this.

    Sunweb and TUI Netherlands

    Travel organization Sunweb reports that an alternative travel date or airport is required for only 1 percent of its customers. Furthermore, nobody has to worry about a canceled trip.

    Flights from TUI Netherlands will also continue, a spokesperson said. “We are not going to cancel TUI fly flights, everyone who has already booked can go on holiday. The vast majority of flying holidays will still depart from Amsterdam. For the proportion of travelers who are no longer allowed to depart from Schiphol, we will use flights from regional airports.”

    Flights cancelled

    Some of Transavia’s customers lucky less† The airline announced yesterday that it would cancel 240 flights between July 7 and August 14. Those travelers were informed yesterday.

    For customers who have booked a holiday through travel organizations TUI or Sunweb after August 14, and who have previously booked a Transavia flight, it will be announced later this summer whether their trip will take place or not.