Nieuwpoort promotes local and sustainable fish with project “Recht uit Zèè”

    Nieuwpoort fishermen, four wholesalers and eight restaurants are participating in the pilot project. Quality and sustainability are paramount and those who participate must obtain the Visserij Verduurzaamt label. In addition, as much freshly caught fish from Nieuwpoort as possible must be sold and it must be clear where the fish comes from.” Visgro, the professional organization of the fishing industry, monitors whether the fish really comes from us. Maarten du Bois, non-profit organization Visgro: ” You can buy fish elsewhere, in the Netherlands, England or Norway, as long as you keep it separate. It should also be clear in the counter which fish has been preserved and which comes from other sources. An audit firm checks this because it is independent, otherwise your label is not credible. Our association does keep an eye on things.” (read more below the photo)

    Nieuwpoort has the smallest fish auction with four fishing vessels that mainly sail off our coast. Many fish species from here are unknown and therefore unloved and deserve more attention. Deville Daijo, Brasserie ‘t Ponton: “Pieterman for example, and dogfish, also rarely eaten. People do not know the name and do not think of it. You have to eat it to know it. The fish does not have to be specially prepared. pure product is actually the best.”

    Straight from Zèè is a pilot project that can also inspire other coastal municipalities.