As of: 06/23/2022 6:19 p.m

    Full power over the 160 meter sprint: Nico Pickert and Lina Bielicke secured the canoe championship title in the mixed canoe.

    A great success against a current Olympic champion: Nico Pickert and his partner Lina Bielicke prevailed in the final of the mixed Canadians against Olympic hero Peter Kretschmer and his partner Annette Wehrmann.

    On the sprint track, which is only 160 meters long, Pickert/Bielicke showed better stamina in the second section and even pulled away quite clearly in the end.

    Brendel fails in the semifinals

    In the semi-finals, the “eternal” Sebastian Brendel suffered a defeat. With his only 15-year-old partner Selina Gercke, he was eliminated against Kretschmer/Wehrmann. In the second duel, Pickert/Bielicke prevailed against the favored Tim Hecker and Lisa Jahn.

    In the small final, Hecker/Jahn clearly had the upper hand against Brendel/Gercke.