Nick Schilder and Simon Keizer appeared separately on the red carpet of the Friends of Amstel Live concert. “You can think of it what you want, but I do notice that.”

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    This year Nick & Simon will be on stage together for the last time at the Friends of Amstel Live concerts. After all, the gentlemen stop as a musical duo and hope that they will be welcome separately from each other next year. “Because we both remain musically active, as it looks now,” says Nick.

    Nick and Rolf

    Surprisingly, Nick & Simon did not appear together on the red carpet yesterday. Nick did appear in front of the RTL Boulevard camera, but then with Rolf Sanchez by his side. “I do plan to tour this year and release an album if all goes well.”

    Is he already showing that music to his musical colleagues? No. “I know how critical and professional Rolf is, so I really want to have an optimal product. I’m not going to share a bit of very early pen fruit with all kinds of colleagues, I’m not going to do that.”

    Not with Simon

    RTL Boulevard reporter Aran Bade, who firmly believes in the quarrel theory, finds it striking that Nick & Simon do not want to parade together on the red carpet. “Nick was not on the runner with Simon. That is all separate. You can think of it what you want, but that’s what I notice. They don’t do interviews together.”

    Only on stage are they still together, says Aran. “Nick said: ‘I have special food with me, a kind of prep nutrition’, because he really wants to pay attention to his diet and body. Lucky for Simon that he doesn’t have to share that anymore.”

    Solo career

    What does Aran think of Nick’s expectation that they will both perform solo at the Friends of Amstel concert next year?

    “If you ask me, I think that Nick’s solo career can succeed. I really think he’s the musical of the two. More musical than Simon to release an album independently.”