Back in 2005, when the young chef Nicholas Diaz Martini work in Sucre with Fernando Trocca, met the Nordic cuisine. There was a menu by Isidoro Dillon, precursor of this type of cuisine in Argentina, and his preparations dazzled Díaz Martini. Since then, he decided to delve into the techniques of this type of cooking, even teaching them in the classes of his project behind closed doors, Fuego. When he had the opportunity to open his own restaurant, he saw an available niche in the city: there were no proposals of this type (beyond the community clubs) and he was encouraged to bring Nordic cuisine to the scene.

    The interesting thing about this kitchen is that it works with ancient techniques, passed down between generations since the time of the Vikings. Smoking, curing and other methods that were used for preservation at the time, result in a tasty source of umami. There is no shortage of the famous smørrebrød, open rye bread sandwiches with different ingredients. Smoked trout and pear chutney and rullepølse (Danish pork roll) with tarragon mayonnaise and pickles are the most tempting on the menu.

    Among the main ones stand out the köttbullar, the Swedish national dish, a stew of meat or pork cooked in a fennel curry with pickled cabbage; the smoked fish hot dog with clams, mushrooms, Danish blue cheese sauce and pickled cucumbers, an original idea but not for everyone given the power of its maritime flavour; and the cauliflower, apple and coconut milk karry, a Nordic version of the curry but with a particular combination of spices, including cinnamon, thistle, fennel seeds (aniseed flavors are typical of this type of cuisine) as well as fresh dill . Among the desserts we recommend the crumble with textures of apple, anise cream and Aquavit foam, a typical distillate that they make in-house with spices such as kumel, dill, cardamom and cinnamon (also to take away).

    Also to go there are salmon gravlax, smoked salmon, and mustard menhaden. New and interesting flavors to enjoy at home.

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