Mónica Frettes has been working with her husband, Héctor Mondino, for 25 years in the real estate and construction business with Grupo CASA. “My work as a broker arose from the need to market the brand new real estate that our construction company was building. He provided services as a bank mortgage broker and facilitated the beginning of my activity, beginning to study at the Argentine Real Estate Chamber and concluding the degree at the University of Morón, as Public Auctioneer Appraiser and Real Estate Broker, currently enrolled in CUCICBA. Together we made a company come true and all the ideas that came up, just as we formed a beautiful family with our children Timoteo, Simón, Caterina and Sofía”, says Mónica, with evident emotion.

    – What is the star development of the company at the moment?

    It is in the neighborhood of Flores, on Culpina Street 345/351, called Aires de París, with potential growth in habitat and housing for residential use. It focuses on basic necessities, gastronomy so as not to deal with the kitchen, professional studios, studio apartments, divisible, two rooms, bicycle racks and garages, all arranged in a French academic style building, of Premium quality. It has a variety of amenities, such as a swimming pool, solarium, showers, landscaped resting place, GYM, SUM, barbecue, toilets, dressing rooms and laundry. In addition to various details: digital lock, built-in oven, built-in marble stove, floor-to-ceiling furniture, closets, hot and cold air and lighting, with the possibility of adding a folding bed and including audio, TV and optional refrigerator, all smart Samsung brand and home automation. The balconies are with wrought iron grille in style, A40 Aluar aluminum openings with DVH, motorized black out curtains, porcelain floors, fv faucets, French style, Ferrum toilets, showers with retractable screen, high quality washing and towel dryer . All comfort details.

    – How can you invest in these developments that you present?

    We have an investment format per square meter based on the crowdfunding scheme. Anyone can acquire whole units, per square meter or fractions of square meters, which democratizes personal investments allowing everyone the possibility to start saving in the construction industry at the current value of the work cycle. It is a cheaper method than acquiring when the building is finished, which turns the investment system into real savings for each client. Thus, economic benefits are obtained as a result, since it is possible to keep the property and register it, live in it, make direct rent or sell it and obtain profits.

    – From what amount can you invest?

    From a very low amount. From u$s 100 or its equivalent in any type of currency.

    – How is the investment made?

    Through our construction company, Grupo CASA, we have work sequences, in this way, that client who has been making savings through our system by square meters, can go from one development to another, obtaining results of capitalization composed of a work to another. The person who manages to save 50% with this format, has financing through a mortgage loan, taking possession and deed of the property.

    – Do you have other formats to invest or finance?

    Through Grupo CASA we have an investment and financing system for mortgage loans, based on the crowlending scheme. With this system, each client has the possibility of investing in direct income in the medium term, obtaining excellent economic benefits, which translate into high returns.

    – What estimated profitability can be had in this type of project?

    Estimated returns on construction projects range from 27 to 35%, depending on the investment term and the time it is entered. The same in financing, they are from 12 to 18%, depending on the product.

    – Do you have branches or franchises?

    It is not our idea to open branches or franchises, but we do have digital projects in which we will transform our activity into a PropTech, reaching the client directly at home, providing solutions through our services at low cost.

    Ave. Cnel. Esteban Bonorino 555, CABA

    Phone: 11 4633-5929

    WhatsApp: 11 6499 1675 fixed 4633-5929


    IG: @monicafrettes

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