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Vanesa, what is your academic background and what do you offer your clients as a professional?

I am a lawyer by profession and a successful mentor specializing in physical and mental well-being. I help professionals, businessmen and women to obtain extraordinary results in record time, with totally disruptive methods for Latin America.

I do this, because like everyone else, the pandemic changed me. I analyzed that my bad habits and lack of discipline were leading me to frustration and stagnation in my life. In addition, I understood that we live in a changing, fast, sporadic and fluctuating world and we cannot afford to waste years learning things that may take us months or even days.

I understood that discipline is the foundation of physical and mental health (even emotional health) and forges professional and business success. Enabling people to rule the voice of their minds.

Motivation is a spark, which lasts moments. The true fuel for extraordinary results is self-discipline, which is obtained by training the psyche.

What mental, psychological and physical aspects do you consider essential for success?

My motto is “Physically strong, mentally indestructible”. Inviting and teaching to develop correct eating habits, emotional governance and physical training as a basis for success in any area. This allows to obtain an iron health, understanding this not as the lack of disease, but as vitality, well-being and energy.

We have all heard the popular phrase: We must do what we love, but they forget the second part of the equation, we must love what we do.

Within any process there will be things that we do not like to do. The only way to approach mastery is through repetition, and repetition requires discipline.

Upholding our discipline often implies going against mass thought, as has happened to me with these principles. For example: You must love yourself as you are and what is important is what is inside or that it is okay to break your diet or not go to the gym (as synonymous with self-love). Forgetting that the external is only a reflection of our interior.

This way of thinking the only thing that leads us is to break self-respect, self-love and to boycott us. Losing due to bad habits and lack of discipline our most precious asset: Health.

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