New tourist information point opened in monumental farm Orvelte

The doors of the monumental hall farm de Bruntingerhof in Orvelte are reopening to the public after a long time. The new Tourist Information Point (TIP) has found a home in the farm and will be officially opened next Saturday.

After years of vacancy, the farm from the 16th century has undergone a metamorphosis inside and in addition to the TIP, the Visitor Center Orvelte will also be located here.

The Bruntingerhof at number 8 Flintenweg in Orvelte is unique for Drenthe. The house was probably built between 1560 and 1650 and was expanded in the first half of the 18th century with a hay barn and a sheepfold. Bare oak was used in the construction, which can still be seen everywhere in the building. The Bruntingerhof was used as a museum farm for a long time, but that function turned out to be untenable.

Deputy Nelleke Vedelaar of the province of Drenthe will perform the opening act together with a number of children from Orvelte. Hans Hartog, chairman of the Central Drenthe Marketing & Promotion Foundation, village coordinator Anton Bardie and Sonja van der Meer, director of Het Drentse Landschap will be present. Those interested can then take a look at the new information point located at the tail end of the Bruntingerhof.

The festivities are a joint initiative of Tourist Info Midden-Drenthe, Stichting Co√∂peratief Orvelte and Het Drentse Landschap. The entrepreneurs in Orvelte, the residents’ association and the Ottenshoes have made a program possible with old Dutch games and other entertainment, and coffee, tea and fresh knees. Music association St. Cecilea from Elp provides music. All this will take place between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Brink in Orvelte.

We are working hard to open the Visitor Center Orvelte later this year, which will be located in the loose cover section. Here visitors get information about the Drenthe esdorpen, the esdorp landscape and the way people used to live and work here. It should be an experience for young and old.