BeCommerce, the Belgian federation for e-commerce, heeft vrijdag een new quality label for online veiligheid posted, specific for online advertising. Influencers should also comply with the European guidelines in the federal government’s economic oversight service on the label of the krijgen.

    Online fraude zit de afgelopen jaren enormously in de lift. Het aantal reporting of fraudulent reclame bij de FOD Economy is tussen 2020 and 2021 vervijfvoudigd. Het big file bedrag went four times, tot 8.6 million euros.

    BeCommerce notices that ‘Black Friday’ is due to the fact that the United States has overrun the festivities, and that the day of online fraud has become, with prices that have been paid for the reason for the ‘valse Kortingen’ with misleading advertising. Products from fraudulent websites have also been promoted on social media such as TikTok.

    BeCommerce was previously a state secretary for consumers Eva De Bleeker, now known by Alexia Bertrand, but now there are new markers for influencers designed for the publicity of advertisements on social networks and garanderen. Het zal aangeven of the influencers voldoen aan de wetgeving, vergelijkbaar with the BeCommerce label for private webwinkels.

    KIJK. Influencers were furious toen bekendraakte dat ze hun address openbaar most maken: “Welke idioot maakt zo’n beslissingen?”

    Influencers and content makers who act on social media zijn also wettelijk oblige bepaalde obligingen na te leven wanneer ze adverteren. As an influencer who advertises a product on your social media account in that case, you have to do it when you live in Bepalingen when you advertise your product on the website. Volgens de Europese wetgeving (DSA) also want appropriate reports to be published by the public who are not misperforming of illegal zijn.

    “With the implementation of this key feature, we can use the following steps in a secure internet environment for Belgian consumers,” says Sofie Geeroms, managing director of BeCommerce.

    That is why the CD&V will be used by children by influencers

    Belgian influencers krijgen waarschuwing omdat ze adres niet op sociale media report: “Welke idioot maakt zo’n beslissingen?”