HAMBURG (dpa-AFX) – Legal experts have been critical of an application by the CDU and the left to expand the mandate of the “Cum-Ex” committee of the Hamburg Parliament. On Friday, in the constitutional committee of the citizenship, they expressed constitutional concerns about the admissibility of the application, with which the opposition could obtain the mandate of the parliamentary investigative committee for the treatment of the former state-owned HSH Nordbank, which was also involved in the “Cum-Ex” scandal, by the SPD-led Senate want. So far, the order has been limited to the “Cum-Ex” case at Warburg Bank.

    All seven experts explained that whether the parliamentary minority has a right to an extension of its mandate in an ongoing committee has not yet been clarified in German case law and is disputed in the literature. However, the majority took it for granted.

    At least the right of the minority to have another committee of inquiry set up to clarify questions about HSH-Nordbank is undisputed, it said. However, two parallel committees might not be in the interests of those involved. There were also concerns about the specificity of the investigation mandate formulated in the application and individual terms. The experts advised improvements and a revision of the application.

    The citizenship had referred the application from the CDU, the left and the individual deputy Anna von Treuenfels-Frowein (FDP) to the constitutional committee for examination in order to check the admissibility. At the beginning of October he wants to make an assessment of the expert hearing and give the citizenship a recommendation./fi/DP/stw