So the Juventus vice president: “Recovering from an emotionally intense match like the one with Salernitana was not easy, now we have to put in a positive anger that makes the intensity of the game increase”

    “Tonight’s game has an impact, it is very important. It will not be decisive, there will be other equally decisive ones. In the Champions League it is difficult to recover”, words and music of Juventus vice president Pavel Nedved a few minutes before the match against Benfica. It’s too early to take stock, but something is already missing: “There are two games that are important enough to take stock. I liked the start, we had a very solid team. In my opinion we are missing 2-4 points that we would have deserved from the my point of view. I’m sorry about that. “

    After Juve-Salernitana

    “I am always honest, we have struggled a bit to stay focused these two days and be focused for tonight’s game. Sunday’s match was very demanding from an emotional point of view, for us and the players. . It was not easy. On the other hand, they all saw what happened, indeed almost everyone. We have to leave it alone and move on. ” With this recipe: “We must have a positive and not a negative anger, which leads to a frenzy that would be wrong. A positive anger that raises the intensity of the game. We must find the right balance between defensive and offensive phases. On this point we must work” . S.

    injuries and beats

    On injuries: “No alibi, we have to get everything out of our minds, the points are gone. What has been is forgotten.” Ugly, beautiful, winning: “The joke was mine, when the coach was at Milan I said I preferred to be anticipating and winning. It’s our motto, we want above all to win.”