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After a spectacular duel in Waalwijk, NEC has conquered the 8th place in the premier league. On a visit to RKC, Rogier Meijer’s team won 1-3, thanks in part to two goals from star Oussame Tannane.

The large load of fireworks that were set off on the Waalwijk grass prior to the game was actually a harbinger. Both teams shot out of the starting blocks and quickly stacked chances on each other. In the opening phase, it was Jasper Cillessen who first excelled on the Nijmegen side with two impressive saves. That was rewarded not much later by Oussama Tannane, who quickly shot on goal on a pass from Landry Dimata: 0-1 after 20 minutes of play.

A few minutes later, Elayis Tavsen decided to prove why he is back in the selection of the Dutch Juniors. The attacker surprised from the back line with a hood in and then lashed out with a devastating blow. The drama for the home team was complete when Tannane shot a free kick straight through the mediocre Brabant wall in the 31st minute, leaving goalkeeper Vaessen without a chance: 0-3.

© Pro Shots / Marcel van Dorst

Still, RKC, while frustrated, seemed unwilling to care. In the opening phase, the team participated well and also at the beginning of the second half glimmers of hope began to emerge in the Mandemakers Stadium. The positive attitude was rewarded after an hour of football with Vernon Anita’s 1-3, after good preparatory work by Mats Seuntjens. Moments later, substitute Julen Lobete had the connection goal on his shoe in the penalty area, but aimed straight into the hands of Cillessen.

However, the emotional roller coaster for the fans in attendance did not end there. Just a few minutes later, the ball was again on the spot on the other side, because Souffian El Karouani got a tap on his feet from Shawn Adewoye. Tannane had the chance to make his hat-trick and thus also deal the final blow, but saw his shot caught low in the corner by Vaessen.

Etienne Vaessen saves the penalty kick

Etienne Vaessen saves the penalty kick © Pro Shots / Marcel van Dorst

The frenetic and energetic match then continued to undulate, with great chances on both sides. Lobete missed a big chance and Anthony Musaba and Tavsan both hit the post again. However, RKC could no longer make it really exciting, so it had to leave the 8th place in the competition to NEC. Thanks to the victory, the team from Nijmegen is 4 points from a place for the play-offs for European football.

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