Nba playoff, Dillon Brooks disqualified for Golden State-Memphis race-3

The NBA announces the stop for the outside of Memphis. Green’s fine of 25 thousand dollars after the middle finger to the fans

A game of disqualification. It is the punishment that the NBA has decided to impose on Dillon Brooks of Memphis, sent off for the foul in Game-2 with Golden State which cost Gary Payton II a fractured left elbow. Brooks will not be available for the third game of the series, scheduled at 2:30 am on the Italian night between Saturday and Sunday in San Francisco.

the decision

Brooks was suspended for “the unnecessary and aggressive contact that caused Payton’s significant injury.” The impact between the Memphis winger and the Warriors defensive specialist happened 9’08 ”from the end of the first quarter of Game-2, with Payton thrown in for a layup on the break and Brooks launched to stop him. The impact caused The Glove’s son to crash to the ground, who landed badly on his left elbow. Brooks was given a Flagrant Foul 2 which resulted in his immediate expulsion. Payton threw the two free throws as a result of the foul suffered, then returned to the locker room. “It was a dirty play – coach Kerr thundered immediately after the game, announced that GP2 had suffered a fractured left elbow -. There is a code of conduct that players abide by: Brooks has violated it ”. Payton will be re-evaluated in two weeks, the Warriors have announced, but he should be out for at least a month: he could return to the Finals starting on June 2, assuming Golden State gets there. Brooks’ suspension was inevitable once the extent of Payton’s injury was clarified. Also because the NBA had already adopted this system, suspending during the regular season Grayson Allen of Milwaukee, guilty of a foul that cost a serious injury to Alex Caruso of Chicago.

green fined

The NBA also announced a $ 25,000 fine for Draymond Green, guilty of showing his middle finger to Memphis fans as he walked off the pitch with his right eye bleeding after being elbowed by Xavier Tillman shortly after his injury. Payton. “I was bleeding, you deserve the insults” Green let out at the press conference.