In recent months we have not only been presented with new photos of a black hole, but even a sound fragment. How may such a black hole in space sound? Creepy to hear.

    “The misconception that there is no sound in space stems from the fact that space is usually a vacuum, in which sound waves cannot travel,” NASA tweeted Sunday. “But a cluster of galaxies has so much gas that we actually picked up sound. In this case, it is amplified and mixed with other data to hear a black hole.”

    The sound of the black hole is quite ghostly. It comes from real sound waves from the massive black hole at the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster, which is more than 200 million light-years away. NASA edited the sound so human ears can hear it. The sound was mixed with “other data” and amplified.

    NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory published the sound clip in May during the week of the black hole. Now the space agency sent it out to the world via Twitter and immediately received a lot of reactions. Many internet users said that the black hole sounded exactly as they expected: creepy. “Somehow you just knew that a black hole would sound like terrifying ghosts instead of gentle ocean waves,” tweeted Asher Honickman. “If you turn up the sound of the black hole, it sounds like hundreds of tortured souls being dragged under a lake of fire,” another tweeted. Someone also seemed to recognize Pink Floyd’s ‘Echoes’, and yet another music lover joked that it was new work by Icelandic Björk.

    What is a black hole?

    A black hole is basically what remains after the explosion of a star, a star that is more massive than the sun. During such an explosion, the star briefly produces as much light as the entire galaxy to which it belongs. And then go black forever. That is why black holes were called ‘frozen stars’ before 1964. Furthermore, the core of the explosion becomes so compact that a black hole is formed. Because nothing can escape the black holes – only some can fall in – they grow in mass over time.